Absolver Promises Fluid, Respectful PvP

Working with Devolver Digital on the game, Sloclap recently revealed the fourth fighting style in Absolver. A heavy attack-based stance known as Stagger, it rounds out the available styles with something slower with a heavy hit behind it.

A screenshot from Absolver.
via Zam

Absolver promises to be a PvP experience in which there’s a certain respect between players. In an interview with Unreal Engine, developer Pierre Tarno lightly hinted at the game’s mentor relationships. He did imply that the nature of sparring was to engage in a respectful duel. This gives players the option to learn from one another and in turn, their fighting styles.

With its different styles and its promised fluidity, I feel like Absolver may pick up where another PvP combat game, For Honor, stopped. While For Honor had an in-depth fighting system, it seemed very closed off. Because of this, many new players left the PvP scene.

Absolver releases on PC and PS4 on August 29, 2017.


Cover Image via Tom’s Hardware

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