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    Do you think that more video games should be marketed to kids? I don't mean like bad kids games and definitely not adult games that kids can have their parents buy, but genuine children's entertainment. Like, imagine a toned down version of Dark Souls or like God of War. Don't ruin the integrity all-together, but like cut some unnecessary stuff out? Do you think it's doable or do you think that in order to actually cater to kids that it would cut out too much important detail? I may be rambling, but I'm just curious since the label of "kid's game" seems to just almost not be there anymore unless you count a handful of cheap dollar bin games and almost all of Nintendo's library. I know Nintendo gets labeled as the kid-friendly option, but I wonder if it would be worthwhile for other developers and companies to try and reach out to a younger audience. -Sydney
  • Someone asked:
    Pick a video game character to associate everyone on the podcast with!