Dark Souls – The Vinyl Trilogy Announced for Fall

Bandai Namco announced the limited edition run of the set this week. The Dark Souls LPs will be available sometime this fall, as a limited edition 2000-copy run. Not only does each game get its own set of LPs, but there will be 9 total vinyl in the box set. The announcement trailer shows that Dark Souls 2 will be spread out on four vinyl, while Dark Souls and Dark Souls 3 are only on two each.

Almost all the vinyl. (via Bandai Namco)

Not only is this exciting for fans of the series, but really for anyone who collects vinyl and likes video games. I’m still on the hunt for Hotline Miami 2’s vinyl set (at a reasonable price), and I pre-ordered Furi’s vinyl set as well. The fact that this set is limited to only 2000 copies guarantee that it’s not only going to be incredibly rare, but it’s not going to be available for long, either: there’s little chance of a second pressing if Namco’s already announced its limited availability.


Cover image via BANDAI NAMCO.


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