D&D 5E Homebrew: Level 20 Druid Features

The Paladin’s have a unique feature where their level 20 class feature is based on their class archetype. (sub-class) These are far and beyond my favorite as it makes it so you could have two paladins in your party and yet they would feel completely different from one another. So I’ve always liked to think about what archetype based level 20 class features I would make for each class. So I’d like to share my homebrew for the guardian of nature,  the Druid. I’m going to have one for each of the subclasses except Moon since Archdruid is already a perfect fit.

Circle of the Land:

Archdruid being the Level 20th ability always bothered me. The Moon Circle gets significantly more out of unlimited beast shapes. So it only seems right that I correct that here tonight.

One With The Land:

At 20th level, when you are located in an environment similar to the land where you became a druid you can cast a 9th level spell without expending a spell slot. Adding an additional 1 hour to the casting time.

You can use this again after finishing a long rest.

I like the idea of the Land itself granting the Druid power, almost like Goku’s spirit bomb. Like the land itself is rewarding the Druid for their devotion and protection.

This feature focuses on the land specifically unlike many of the other features. The Druid will have to understand their landscape to make the most out of this feature.

Circle of Dreams:

Decided to continue and add 20th Level Features for the new Subclasses in “Xanathar’s Guide to Everything.” First off here’s the Circle of Dreams a subclass that focuses on using the good parts of the Feywild to heal and support their allies.

Dreaming Chronomancy:

At 20th level, when you take a short rest you maniputed and warp the flow of time around you. You can all other creatures within 120ft gain the benefits of a long rest during the duration of a short rest.

One of my favorite aspects of the Feywild is how time there is convoluted. So it made sense to me that a Druid of this strength might be able to utilize that power. Being able to turn all Short rests into Long Rests is an insanely strong ability, and one deserving of a 20th Level skill.

I wasn’t specific about how much time was saved as I’d like the ability to be compatible with variant rules on Rest Time.

Circle of the Shepard:


At 20th level, whenever you cast a spell that summons/conjures a creature, it is not considered a concentration spell for you. If there is a downside to losing concentration on the spell the downside is ignored. The creature remains loyal to you.

However you can still only have one instance of that particular spell active at one point.

I dig this ability because it it cements this subclasses’ role as the summoner. Since the spells are no longer concentration spells it means you can have multiple summons of different types up at once.

This is potentially dangerous as it could clog up initiative but with the right DM /player relationship it can work out.

Alright that’s it. Lemme know what you think in the comments or @TLCStageHazard. If you’re interested in other homebrews here’s one that turns The Legend of Zelda’s Link into a 5e Ranger.

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