D&D 5E: Inquisitor, Anti-Mage, Paladin Subclass

One of the things that always bothered me about many D&D worlds was how rampant magic tends to run. Heroes tend to go from novice to master magician in only a few years time. Magic is extremely powerful. Where is the fear? Where is their check? Enter the Inquisitor.

Inquisitors are based on the real world equivalent by the same name. The men of the Church who would go around and destroy things they considered unholy whether they be text or people themselves.

Magic in many worlds are sort of viewed as an equivalent to science. So the Inquisitor coming to destroy arcane documents fits well thematically.

Inquisitors can play a interesting role in many worlds:

  • Maybe a party member is an inquisitor and they have to deal with a fellow party member who is a caster of the arcane. Will they let their fear of the arcane prevent them from doing the greater good?
  • Maybe a major antagonist is an Inquisitor. They could potentially spread anti-arcane propoganda across the entire world. Making your mages feel unsafe wherever they go. Your players could argue with the Inquisitor stating the hiprocracy of the Inquisitor cast spells of their own.
  • Inquisitors could make an interesting opponent for a heavy mage group as they might need to resort to other means to win a confrontation. Maybe the fighter switches to a more defensive role attempting to keep the Inquisitor away from his spellcasting allies.

I hope this class really sells that idea and allows for a true check of the arcane. Leave critique here in the comments or @TLCStageHazard.

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Oath of the Inquisitor:

High Ranking Inquisitor | Art by: Wes Schnieder

Oath Spells:

Paladin Level: Spells:
3rd Detect Magic, Identify
5th Silence, See Invisibility
9th Counterspell, Dispel Magic
13th Fire Shield, Locate Creature
17th Circle of Power, Dispel Evil and Good

Channel Divinity:

When you take this Oath at 3rd level, you gain the following two Channel Divinity options.

Martial Counterspell: When a target casts a spell within your melee attack range you can spend your Channel Divinity and reaction to immediately interrupt the their casting (wasting their spell slot and action) and take an attack of opportunity.

Focus Rupture: As an action, you can make a special attack with an attack bonus equal to your Intelligence or Charisma modifier(choose one). If the attack lands any spell the target was concentrating on is immediately ended.

Inquisitor reflecting on the night’s events. | Art by : Kim Junghun

Aura of Null:

Beginning at 7th level you and allies within 10 feet gain a bonus to saving throws vs spells equal to your Charisma or Intelligence modifier.(Choose one) This effect does stack with Aura of Protection.

Eternal Watchman:

Beginning at 15th level, whenever you use your Divine Sense feature you also gain the effects of the Detect Magic spell. This does not use up a spell slot.

Arcane Eradicator:

At 20th level, as an action, you can emmit an aura of anti-magic. You gain the following effects for 1 minute.

  • You emmit an aura of silence in a 30ft radius centered on yourself. This is effectively the Silence spell but it cannot be dispelled.
  • You can use your Channel Divinity effects any number of times.
  • When you cast the Dispel Magic spell it is considered to be cast at an 8th level.


  1. First things first, I like the flavour and overall design of this subclass. I totally agree with the spell list and I really like the Eternal Watchman ability, the flavour and power level are just right. One small but significant change I would suggest is the Martial Counterspell ability; I think that the AoO needs to hit in order to prevent the spell from being cast. As is, it’s a guaranteed Counterspell with a free AoO thrown in and that’s OP.

    The biggest issue by a large margin is Aura of Null. The problem I have with Aura of Null is that it directly stacks with Aura of Protection, even using the same stat. With a 20 in Cha, you have a +10 to literally all saves against spells. That’s more akin to 3e numbers than 5e. There needs to be a different mechanic in place to mess with spells in the aura. Maybe allies in the aura have advantage on saves against spells. Maybe spellcasters have to succeed a check to cast inside the aura. Maybe allies in the aura get some kind of bonus to Dispel Magic and Counterspell. Maybe allies in the aura get a damage bonus against spellcasters. Something that isn’t a flat boost that stacks with other flat boosts.

    1. Thanks, for the response man. Sorry on the late response.(My computer broke) I’ll defintely take what you said into account on the second draft.

      Martial Counterspell:
      Yeah I get your critique here. I think my mindset originally was that since you can only use your channel divinity once per rest it’d feel bad to miss it.

      But now that I’ve had time to sit on it.. I think players really like rolling. So even if it “nerfs” the move I think I would definitely make it so you must land the attack. Mayhaps using the same attack bonus as Focus Rupture.

      Aura of Null:
      I totally feel you on this one. I wasn’t too happy with it when I published it. I felt somewhat obligated to have an aura effect as every other Paladin subclass got one at 7th level. I struggled to come up with something and settled on something I wasn’t proud of.

      I will totally rework this on the second draft.

      Thanks again.

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