D&D 5E: The Restorer, Circle of The Green Druid

Classically, Druids have always been able to be very successful healers. And while they can do a sufficient job in 5e they pale in comparison to clerics, especially Clerics of Life. So this is an attempt to have an option for those Druid of Ol’. Wanting to jump into this newest edition and heal and protect their party members.

Also thematically none of the current archetypes fulfill the “Mother Nature” fantasy. The idea that the Land tests but also provides for those living within it. If that idea piques your interest keep reading and let me know if these abilities help sell that idea.

If you’re interested in other homebrews, heres a Paladin who specializes in combat versus the arcane.

Partake of the Land:

When you choose this circle at 2nd level, you gain proficiency with Nature skills and Herbalism Kit. If you are already proficient in these skills you add double your proficiency bonus to checks you make with it.

Circle Spells:

Druid Level: Spells:
3rd Lesser Restoration, Protection from Poison
5th Create Food and Water, Mass Healing Word
7th Freedom of Movement, Stoneskin
9th Greater Restoration, Reincarnate

Restorative Touch:

Starting at 6th level, whenever you cast a touch spell on a target you can choose to heal for 5+ the spell level.

Older Druid of the Green returning to conflict. Art by Tomas Duchek

Natural Herbalist:

Starting at 10th level, you can increase the effectiveness of Potions of Health. Over a short rest you can take one potion of healing of any potency and make it heal for its maximum amount. For example a basic Potion of Healing would heal for 10 HP. (2*4+2) A Greater: 20.(4*4+4)

You need to make a herbalism check with a varying DC based on the strength of the potion.

Potion: DC:
Basic 14
Greater 16
Superior 18
Supreme 20

This effect only lasts for 24 hours. Then in which the potion reverts back to its original state.

Restorative Bloom:

Starting at 14th level, whenever an ally within 30ft reaches 0 hit points, you can spend your reaction to immediately heal them, restoring 1 hit point. You can do this a number of times equal to your wisdom modifier. You regain one use upon short rest, and all uses upon a long rest.

A Restorer watching over their Land. Art by VargasNI

Grand Resoration:

At 20th Level, you can opt in to take this class feature instead of ARCH-DRUID. Whenever you cast a spell that restores HP targets are healed for half of the original value at the start of their next turn.

For example. If you cast cure wounds on a target and they heal for 10 hit points. At the start of their next turn they will heal for 5 hit points.

Also, when you die a grand tree immediately sprouts from your corpse infusing the nearby plant life with energy. This effect is equivalent to casting Plant Growth as an 8 hour ritual but the effect happens instantaneously. Over many years the tree will continue to grow, towering over most terrain, continuing to empower the nearby land.



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