Destiny 2 Promises Content in the Coming Month

One of the complaints I’ve heard from friends about Destiny in its original state was that by the time they all had it, content releases had slowed down to a crawl. This coupled with the fact that not enough people were playing long enough to make it to raid-level left several people behind in Destiny’s character advancement more than they would’ve liked. This is their question about Destiny 2. Will the game have enough content to sustain itself?

By the looks of it, Bungie is already working to make sure that the game’s frontloaded with content. In a report from Polygon, Bungie has a full month of stuff planned for players. Two raids debut this month: Leviathan on Wednesday and then Trails of the Nine about a week and a half later. Friday sees Baro, I mean… Xur… return with rare weaponry. October has more in store from Bungie, including a prestiged raid and the Iron Banner from the original’s Crucible.

Below is a picture of the month’s events.

Destiny 2 dates & content. (via Bungie/Activision)

The only thing I’m hesitant about is that while Destiny 2 has content rolling out now, and probably will for a couple months out, can they keep it up for the life of the game? The fact that the PC release is already 6 weeks delayed doesn’t bode well. Will regular content like this launch with it? Will we see enough content to justify purchasing the PC version? Will PC players always be six weeks behind? Only time will tell.

Cover image via Destructoid.


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