Icons Gameplay Revealed at Evo 2017

Icons was interesting to say the least. The platform fighter from Wavedash Games attempts to capture the essence of Super Smash Bros. Melee. The trailer showed some good and some questionable things.

Let’s talk about the good things: Icons has some nice character designs and it seems like they are going in a good direction as far as movement goes.

Now let’s talk about some questionable things that were shown in the trailer.

For starters, a good amount of the moves used by the characters seemed to be taken directly from Melee. The female sword character is a good example as it showed the exact same moves as Marth and she had the same Ken combo set up as well.

Two characters from Wavedash Games' Icons: Combat Arena.
via Icons

The fluidity of the combat of the game looks questionable. It almost looks like it has the fluidity of Brawlhala, another platform fighter. Although this is not a bad thing, I would like it to have similar fluid movement to Smash.

All in all, I think Icons can be a great platform fighter. With some of the developers that made the Super Smash Bros. Brawl mod, Project M, I think that they can make it something fun and competitive.


Cover image via Shoryuken.


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