1. Although it’s never clearly stated whether she’s lesbian, bi, or somewhere else on the spectrum, Lillet Blan–the main character of GrimGrimoire–has a crush on a girl named Amoretta, and it’s heavily implied throughout the game that they’re in a relationship. I won’t spoil it, but the ending basically confirms it without ever outright saying it, which is pretty disappointing that they never explicitly state what’s going on, but I still think it’s worth mentioning.

  2. Greg

    One of my favorite parts about Inquisition was the way they handled sexuality of the supporting cast. I think it’s really interesting getting turned down by a character, ESPECIALLY coming from DA:2 where every character was available for romance, fan dubbed as “player sexual.” While that’s technically more inclusive it’s much less interesting.

    Another interesting thing I noticed. Dorian being gay plays a huge part of his backstory, while Sera’s is but a small blip on her crazy life. This shows how much they really thought about the characters and their personalities.

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