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  1. First things first, I like the flavour and overall design of this subclass. I totally agree with the spell list and I really like the Eternal Watchman ability, the flavour and power level are just right. One small but significant change I would suggest is the Martial Counterspell ability; I think that the AoO needs to hit in order to prevent the spell from being cast. As is, it’s a guaranteed Counterspell with a free AoO thrown in and that’s OP.

    The biggest issue by a large margin is Aura of Null. The problem I have with Aura of Null is that it directly stacks with Aura of Protection, even using the same stat. With a 20 in Cha, you have a +10 to literally all saves against spells. That’s more akin to 3e numbers than 5e. There needs to be a different mechanic in place to mess with spells in the aura. Maybe allies in the aura have advantage on saves against spells. Maybe spellcasters have to succeed a check to cast inside the aura. Maybe allies in the aura get some kind of bonus to Dispel Magic and Counterspell. Maybe allies in the aura get a damage bonus against spellcasters. Something that isn’t a flat boost that stacks with other flat boosts.

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