Io Interactive Releases Final Hitman Elusive Target

Io Interactive has been the center of a couple of news stories lately. Last month, we saw them become independent from Square Enix. In the process, they retained control of their original IP. The Hitman series was praised as one of the best games of 2016, and was wholly deserving of the title. Before its release, the company revealed that the game would be episodic. This worried many, however over the last almost year and a half, Io has kept up with the episodes.

That being said, the game’s final Elusive Target was released today. The target is available for one week. After that, Io’s future with the game remains uncertain. Will we see a sequel to the game in the near future? Will Io use the Hitman IP to springboard into a new game?

Whatever the outcome, I doubt that Io would let the IP go to waste. Hopefully it means that we see much more from Io.

An image of Agent 47 walking through the densely populated streets of Marrakesh, Hitman's third episode.
via GameSpot


Cover image via Sunday Express.

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