Why I Love Super Smash Brothers 64

Super Smash Brothers 64 holds a special place in my heart. I’ve been playing this game ever since I small child. My history with Smash begins when I went to a flea market with my dad. I was about 6 years old we randomly found a copy of Super Smash Brothers for the Nintendo 64. As soon as I got home I put the cartage in my Nintendo 64 and I played it for hours. All of my favorite Nintendo characters were in one game and they, at the time, looked incredible in 3D. I never thought I would see a game where Mario would fight Pikachu, it was mind blowing. This game also exposed me to characters that I had never even heard of before like Ness, Captain Falcon, Link, and Fox. This game knows that you might not know some of the characters so they give every character a summary so you can know their background. This made me appreciate Ness the most and he quickly became my favorite and most used character after I read his bio. These character bios give an extra amount of depth that even as child could appreciate.

Smash 64 character selection screen. ( via PlayBuzz)

I showed this game to my cousins and we would play for hours and hours doing crazy challenges. For example, every character has a different target test stage and you can play it multiple times to try and get a higher score each time or even do it as fast as you can. Me and friends would always do the different break the targets to see who could do it the fastest. Then whenever we would play in versus more we would turn items up on high which made every time we played different and chaotic. There were also so many stages to play on and they had some fun twist. The best part of the whole experience would definitely have to be unlocking new characters that you were not expecting. You could unlock characters like Ness, Jiggly puff, Luigi, and Captain Falcon. After you fulfil a certain requirement the character that you could unlock will challenge you and if you win you can use them. This would create an exciting moment for an unsuspecting player and it feels like an amazing accomplishment after you unlock the character.

When Super Smash Brothers is present at any sort of gathering, a multitude of people will begin to reminisce on how much they used to play the game and claim how they were the best. This usually calls on the competitive nature of other people who also claim to be the best and this leads to a huge battle to see who is the best in this game they have not played in years. These reasons blend together perfectly to give an amazing experience and leave a lasting impression. I think Super Smash Brothers is one of the best games of all time and if you ever get a chance I would definitely recommend you try it out this title for the 64 to see where the smash series originated from and hopefully you can see why it has lasted throughout the years.

Cover image via SSB Wiki


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