Pacific Rim: Uprising trailer features GLaDOS’ voice

In the first trailer for Pacific Rim: Uprising, fans of the Portal series may have heard a familiar voice. Ellen McLain makes a return appearance in the trailer as the voice of the jaeger AI. Her role in the first movie was short but sweet: she was only in one scene at the beginning of the movie, before the Gipsy Danger is destroyed.

Ellen McLain has been featured in multiple games from Valve: from Team Fortress 2 to Half-Life 2, she makes a vocal appearance in every game on The Orange Box.

This reprise role begs the question: is Valve funnelling profits from their marketplace into funding movies? Is this why we haven’t seen a Portal 3 yet? I don’t think so, but at one point or another something has to connect, right?

via Pacific Rim: Uprising trailer (YouTube)

Pacific Rim: Uprising is slated for a summer 2018 release.

Cover and inline images via Pacific Rim: Uprising trailer onĀ YouTube.

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