The Lifecast

Dark Souls – The Vinyl Trilogy Announced for Fall

Bandai Namco announced the limited edition run of the set this week. The Dark Souls LPs will be available sometime this fall, as a limited edition 2000-copy run. Not only does each game get its own set of LPs, but there will be 9 total vinyl in the box set. The announcement trailer shows that Dark Souls 2 will be spread out on four vinyl, while Dark Souls and Dark Souls 3 are only on two each. 

Pyre: You are the Reader

To go and play Pyre was something exciting. Here’s a band of exiles, and they value you because you know how to read. We think of it as such an innocuous thing, but in the Downside, where Pyre takes place, it’s invaluable. I won’t deny that I teared up a bit out of joy when I began the game. I’m still excited about it.

Battlegrounds Update Brings More Skins, Crates

PlayerUnknown posted a developer update on the game’s Steam page detailing new feautres coming to Battlegrounds. In the patch update, we’re expected to see bug fixes for doors, using items while reloading, and spectator mode. In addition, PlayerUnknown detailed the one thing we’re all really in it for: cosmetic items.

Overcooked Comes to Nintendo Switch

The hit cooking-frenzy game comes to the Nintendo eShop next week. Overcooked, released last year for PS4, PC, and Xbox gets a special edition package as it graces Nintendo’s newest console. The special edition includes both DLC for the game.  Overcooked will also feature support for the Switch’s HD rumble feature.

Pokemon Go Fest Goes South

Niantic planned to host a big Pokemon Go-themed bash for the game’s first birthday, but instead, the event flopped. Fans looked forward to playing the game among others who liked it. Upon attempting to participate in the festivities, fans soon found that they were unable to connect to the servers, for starters. Problems continued with frequent technical difficulties, server unresponsiveness, and shoddy excuses from Niantic themselves.