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Tangents and FIG | Ep.30

This week, we get distracted. Last Saturday, we attended the Boston Festival of Indie Games and discuss what we like about that at the end! A big thank you to FIG for having us. …Everyone go retweet that fettuccine tweet, please. Host/Producer: Deanna Minasian Guests: Sydney Smith, Adam Osmani, Pat Bowden, Dan Silvia, Kennedy Parker, Greg Fernandes,Ricky Norton Intro/Outro: Tiffany Ma Twitter | Facebook | Twitch | Website | YouTube | Email

Gaming’s Undervalued Treasures: Stranglehold

  Stranglehold is sequel to a classic action film and a great action game on its own Stranglehold is the official sequel to John Woo’s 1992 action masterpiece Hard Boiled. Interestingly enough, it’s a video game instead of a film. Stranglehold features the same shoot ‘em up action and melodrama Woo’s films are known for. Putting

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