Let It Die, Pokemon, Nier, and Question Time | Ep.45

Let It Die, Pokemon, Nier, and Question Time | Ep.45

“Some would call it a food coma, I call it a vision.”

0:00 – Introduction

1:00 – Sydney’s Christmas Story

                What happens when you give your grandmother alcohol? Let’s find out.

2:25 – Adam’s tips on making it through the holidays.

                Got Pokemon? Breed some!

3:00 – Food, potatoes, and a religion.

                Greg becomes our patron saint of the Church of Potatoes.

5:50 – Greg’s headphones.

                And trying to be an upstanding citizen.

Also, a nice pair of headphones can make or break the experience… and your hearing.

8:30 – Deanna’s dice collecting problem.

                Metal dice, plastic dice, dice made of rocks. It’s a problem, but there are limits.

10:24 – Games? They exist.

10:38 – Deanna’s played nothing new!

11:00 – Greg’s thoughts on the Nier: Automata demo and

Platinum Games takes a cult classic and gives it a sequel. Despite forcing you into claw-grip on the controller, it’s a solid demo.

Gravity Rush 2’s demo, ahead of the game’s release in January, allows you to redirect gravity to explore. You’re a menace, but a lovable one.

16:49 – A critique on open world games.

Make movement interesting. Take a cue from Spiderman 2: traversing around the world is interesting and fun.

18:20 – Pat finishes The Last of Us.

Greg also spends some time reminiscing, about the game and its newly-revealed trailer.

“It’s great.” -Pat

20:27 – Sydney discusses The Last Guardian.

It’s a nice-looking, environment-based experience that has wonky platforming and a few too many clipping issues. The story, though, is heart-wrenching.

23:55 – Pokemon’s GTS continues to be garbage.

Adam shares his strategy for really getting what you want from it, including hiding people asking for legendary Pokemon.

26:44 – Adam’s adventures in breeding for shinies.

Geodude turns into a lil Cheeto, and Adam wanted one of his own. And naturally, the two things that matter in competitive Pokemon, did not transfer to the shiny that Adam hatched.

31:50 – Adam clears up swap breeding for us, and we revisit Fire Emblem’s crit rates.

There’s a nuanced way to reset the game so that within 30 eggs, you’re guaranteed a shiny in those 30 eggs.

Displaying a hit rate percentage instead of just a hit rate allowed for some fudging the numbers behind the scenes.

34:32 – Adam plays Let It Die.

(Apologies for the interruption during this segment. Carrie Fisher was a tremendous inspiration for everyone present, and it was a bit hard to keep the reaction under wraps.)

Suda 51’s take on a Dark Souls game. It’s interesting, and the Mexican Grim Reaper gives off some Lolita vibes, even when running an arcade. When your character dies, they become your haters and you must go kill them.

Dan chimes in with his thoughts on the physics of the game: fighting is clunky, but walking around the world is faster than it should feel. Attack animations feel very Souls-y, and your fists do a lot more damage than any weapon.

The UI optimization, though, is top-notch. Very nice. Very polished. Intuitive!

43:02 – Has Dan been playing anything else?

An attempt at Final Fantasy XV leads to a discussion about the pre-game content that came out before the game.

Remember the voice acting in Sonic Adventure 2? This game sees its return! The voice actors were not in the same room. As per usual, the game is not without its charms.

47:40 – It’s question time!

Unfortunately, we did not screen these at ALL. In hindsight, it was not the best idea. At least we got a good laugh out of it. That’s what we get for doing something different.

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