Desync, A Telltale Binge, Kingdom Hearts, and VR | Ep.47

Desync, A Telltale Binge, Kingdom Hearts, and VR | Ep.47

“Underwater VR will be real someday. I promise.”

0:00 – Introduction

We catch up on the last few weeks.

3:28 – Actual Introductions

We get really caught up on being back on the podcast.

Game of the Year took a lot out of us. It’s coming, we promise!

4:50 – White wine and bubble baths.

The Real American Dream

6:44 – Playing catch-up.

Drinking stories.

We also get a question, in real-time!

Yet another GUTS revisit, but only because Chris is here and it was a good time.

11:04 – Jake walks out of class in full view of our recording setup.

11:25 – Getting back into actual podcast topics.

Nine-person podcasts do not work well.

Fun Fact: We actually did have two and a half hours of technical difficulties while setting up for Game of the Year.

13:59 – Deanna’s finds for this week.

A short conversation on synthwave.

Desync, a competitive FPS coming out early in 2017 developed by The Foregone Syndicate and published by Adult Swim Games.

In trying to find out who the dev is, Deanna finds out what’s on Dave’s wishlist.

The Year-Long Speedrun Kick. It all started with Majora’s Mask.

21:33 – Ricky’s Telltale Binge

The Wolf Among Us: Inspiring Ricky to read comics and play The Walking Dead.

New releases on Ricky’s radar.

22:39 – Chris’ time leading up to his Lifecast premiere.

Crying into biology textbooks isn’t a video game, but it’s what Chris has been doing anyway.

Despite what Chris wants, he cannot hook PM up to an IV and use it for nourishment.

As for games: Pokemon, Project M, and Kingdom Hearts 2.8.

Kingdom Hearts 3 is going to come out after Death Stranding. It is fact. Half Life 3 is never coming out.

26:00 – Portal VR

HTC Vive: Portal: The Lab has been announced.

Buying a Vive is not the best use of money. Ever. For anyone with student loans.

30:00 – The 4K Discussion

Deanna’s softened her heart on 4K since it’s the way of the future, only to have several heart attacks shortly after.

It still needs to be more widely developed and affordable.

31:33 – Chris Shopping for TVs in Oklahoma

He almost got a small 4K TV, but instead settled for a bigger TV.

Deanna tells the story of her only experience buying TVs.

34:54 – We ask Pat what’s up.

And quickly rephrase it.

Fact: Pat does not learn lessons involving sharp objects.

“Were you flipping knives again?” The answer is yes.

The Lifecast stages an intervention for Pat, against throwing knives.

37:40 – Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links

From an actual Yu-Gi-Oh player, it seems too easy and the AI is stupid.

For someone who has not been involved with Yu-Gi-Oh, it’s a nice time sink and looks real pretty.

It’s been an almost universal download within our circles.

If it keeps on top of updates, Duel Links will become a more solid game than it already is.

42:50 – The Pokemon Go Update You’ve Been Anticipating

Nothing has really changed. At all. There are more Pokemon, maybe.

Deanna has some conflicting issues with Pokemon Go, still. Though it’s more of a personal problem now.

45:50 – A short look at OnePlus’ invite-only system for buying their first two phones.

A niche, to be sure, but a conversation nonetheless.

It seemed very stupid, but it was necessary for the company to stay afloat in the first place.

50:20(ish) – The Slav Squat Tangent

You knew this was coming.

Also a tangent on obtaining the most sicc squat possible.

56:54 – Question Time

From Colin: With Resident Evil making the jump to VR, would you like to see any other franchise take the plunge?

From Sydney: What’s your favorite controller? Whether it’s for appearance, comfort, or pure nostalgia?


As always, thank you for sending in your questions. From here on out, we’re back on a regular weekly schedule, and Game of the Year stuff is coming out as soon as it’s done.

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