FFXV, Planet Coaster, and Tangents | Ep.46

FFXV, Planet Coaster, and Tangents | Ep.46

Don’t talk to me or my 12 objective kills ever again.

0:00 – Introductions

How do you make a one-syllable name sound like it has two? Well…

1:20 – Comedians, Battling Hecklers

Greg has a mild breakdown because he died.

2:22 – Final Fantasy XV (Again)

Greg’s views on Final Fantasy XV haven’t changed, but the ending was really great. The worst thing about it, though, is that it’s a huge waste of time.

5:34 – Greg gets to the real theme of FFXV.

It’s about brotherhood, and we don’t have enough of it in western media because everyone, apparently, just wants to dick each other.

8:19 – Deanna’s Overwatch experience in the third competitive season.

Nothing matters and no one is good at the game.

9:12 – Sydney’s controversial Mercy playstyle.

The skill isn’t learning when to pull out the gun, it’s when to pull out the heal stick.

She also plays Pharah.

12:11 – Orphan Black and Amazon Prime

Don’t rage buy something after Amazon accidentally charges you for a year of Prime.

15:02 – Deanna plays a lot of Jackbox Games.

Not by herself, she’s got cousins.

17:53 – Dan, unprepared.

He was expecting the question, he just wasn’t prepared for it.

Instead of playing games, he watched VODs of fight games.

19:28 – We reminisce on Webkinz.

A tangent, probably unrelated. Completely derails conversation.

Gives Dan a chance to think.

20:47 – Working on neutral game is important.

A short discussion. Dan and Greg’s views on the neutral differ due to their character choices.

22:49 – Necalli


24:50 – Adam’s adventures in gaming this week.

Owlboy comes up first. It feels fluid in its transitions and introductions, but the moment-to-moment stuff is a bit lackluster. Adam doesn’t have a whole lot to say about it as of yet.

Planet Coaster becomes Adam’s favorite roller coaster simulator.

28:19 – A tangent about anaphylactic shock and Epi-Pens.

It goes where the meat’s thick. Right in the thigh.

Deanna recalls her first aid training from several years ago.

Also, someone can sue you for injecting them with their own Epi-Pen. Now you know!

31:13 – Adam resumes his discussion on both Owlboy and Planet Coaster.

(Right after we talk about a mechanic in Fire Emblem: Awakening.)

What does Atari even do? Probably make Plug & Play games, and that’s about it.

34:50 – We actually, actually get to our Planet Coaster discussion.

There’s no real tutorial mode, so you’d have to know how to play to get into it, unless you want to watch their video tutorials.

The terrain editor is clunky and there’s no way to smooth out edits easily. The rest of the game is very in-depth and a great sim overall.

Some things we’d want to see, if it doesn’t have it already, are VR and Steam Workshop integration.

38:19 – Christmas Hitman

Back to the first mission, Paris, you have to kill the burglars from Home Alone.

Also, Santa’s there and you can kill him.

40:15 – Game Tangent

Coincidentally, something we go on a lot.

40:51 – Winnie the Pooh Baseball

Old internet finds, revived.

We take our Winnie the Pooh lore very seriously.

44:18 – Dan plays Yu-Gi-Oh Forbidden Memories

Disobeys the rules of Yu-Gi-Oh entirely. Good game. Fusion is broken.

46:13 – Question Time!

First up, from Sydney: Tell a story of finally completing a level in a video game that you’ve been stuck on, or a similar situation where you haven’t beat the game or level.

Second, from Colin: Name a series in desperate need of a reboot or shake-up, and why? (Here’s Kennedy’s article!!)

Third, also from Colin: Most anticipated release of 2017?

Finally, from Kennedy: What’s the first game you all obsessed over? Our addition: in terms of fanbase, and in terms of wanting to play it constantly.


Next week we release our Game of the Year discussion!


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