Nioh, For Honor, Game Delays, and Breath of the Wild | Ep.50

Nioh, For Honor, Game Delays, and Breath of the Wild | Ep.50
The Lifecast

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“I was just solving puzzles… and I just woke up… anxious.”

0:00 – Introductions

Caller, you’re on the air!

4:42 – Let’s Video Games

Greg talks about Nioh.

Everyone talks about For Honor.

21:37 – We revisit some Game of the Year things.

Notably, Resident Evil 7.

34:50 – Game Delays

A new segment, coming soon to a locally grown and harvested podcast near you.

35:40 – Hearthstone News

Not a post to Blizzard’s blog, but a direct Reddit post, from Blizzard’s community manager.

Update 7.1 brings changes to ranked play, most notably, ranked floors; and changes to two separate cards.

Adam makes the first big step towards being free: uninstalling Hearthstone.

40:15 – Breath of the Wild’s Season Pass

It includes three new treasure chests in the open world with better equipment and some apparel. If it really included the Tingle Tuner, though…

Breath of the Wild’s first DLC is set to release this summer, and it brings back a Cave of Ordeals-esque challenge.

Finally, it includes a hard mode and a “map feature”. Overall, it’s not at all what you see in DLC packs normally, nor are they giving specifics of many things this far before the summer.

50:43 – Question Time

From Julia: Would you rather lose one leg or be born without knees? — Talk about Trash Doves. — Minecraft v. Roblox: Pick a side.

From Deanna: What’s your favorite foreign food?

From Pelar: What’s the most appropriate game to play today? (Valentine’s Day)

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