Nioh, Night in the Woods, Yakuza 0, and Switch News | Ep.52

Nioh, Night in the Woods, Yakuza 0, and Switch News | Ep.52
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What, exactly, constitutes being disqualified from the draft?

0:00 – Introductions

PAX East is in a week— and we’re gonna be there.

3:29 – Games this Week

Sydney’s been playing Overwatch, Fire Emblem Heroes, and Fire Emblem Awakening.

Adam’s been playing Nioh and Night in the Woods.

Deanna’s been playing Yakuza 0 and contemplating buying the Switch and a PS4.

15:17 – Releases, Consequences, and Slight Shade

Desync, published by Adult Swim Games, is a synthpunk first-person shooter.

Greg and Dan get confused about who’s going to be on the podcast this week.

Animal Crossing Mobile still has not been announced, as of March 2. (Actually, I was not keen on the fact that it had been delayed to Nintendo’s next fiscal year! My b. -Deanna)

22:11 – The Switch & Batteries

Reports about the Switch’s battery life are out— and naturally people are upset. Despite being pushed as a mobile-console hybrid, of sorts, its battery life is somewhat abysmal. We take a minute to put some battery life issues into perspective.

More reports are in! The physical version of Breath of the Wild is going to run off the cartridge entirely. Nintendo definitely wants to push physical versus digital.

We go over Nintendo’s pre-order practices. In short, don’t cancel pre-orders if you’re going to restock them immediately after.

38:02 – More New Things

Twitch is going to start selling games that streamers play. Streamers will earn a cut if someone from their stream buys through them.

Twitch now allows for username changes.

Overwatch is getting a new hero— and it’s probably Doomfist.

42:22 – Finishing Releases

All Switch games, including Breath of the Wild, 1-2-Switch, and Snipperclips.

Horizon: Zero Dawn is out this week, and Ruiner is coming this year.

44:29 – Question Time

We don’t have new jingles yet, but we do have plenty of questions.

From Pelar: Strider on NES, or Strider on Genesis?

From Andy: (credit: powerburial on tumblr) Would you rather fight a jock or a nerd? The nerd might pretend you’re his dad, but due to the jock’s exposure to jazz, his movements would be unpredictable.

From Wasabi: What pizza toppings do you hate?

From Andy (again): Any plans for spring break?

From Andy (again, again): Any new bands you’ve been into lately?

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