Overwatch Technicalities & Fire Emblem: Heroes | Ep.49

Overwatch Technicalities & Fire Emblem: Heroes | Ep.49

“I can’t wait for some asshole to drill a hole in the biodome.”

0:00 — Introductions

1:15 — Overwatch Discussions

We get really in-depth about PTR’s changes and notes. Namely: the issue with the game not feeling hitscan, Blizzard’s range estimates for some heroes, and Roadhog’s new hook mechanics.

9:46 — Actual PTR Discussion™

We go very, very in depth with new Bastion changes, an upgrade to D.Va’s defense matrix, and the best bug fix we’ve ever seen: an issue with Torbjorn’s turrets.

23:54 — Fire Emblem: Heroes

An in-depth discussion about Nintendo and Intelligent Systems’ mobile release. We discuss mechanics, maps, summoning heroes, and things we’d change to make the game’s progression a little bit better.

37:15 — Some predictions for Animal Crossing Mobile.

The article in question can be found here.

In short, we’d like to see more of a community-centric mobile game with a better UI and easier ways to add friends and share data. After all, we’ve got QR codes and NFC technologies, why not use them instead of a string of numbers? Snapchat must be onto something.

47:09 — Different age groups, different needs.

Sometimes, kids’ media just needs to be kids’ media. Sure, it’s fine to watch and engage with it, but keep more adult themes out of it.

50:21 — Authors.

The Scarlet Letter is a super dry read and Nathaniel Hawthorne is just alright.

58:38 — Outroduction

We, as a group, take a Buzzfeed quiz that attempts to tell us what month we were all born in based on what we, collectively, would put in a smoothie.


Thank you for joining us on this podcast journey. We’ll be back next week.

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