Switch Impressions, Zelda, Night in the Woods, and Conspiracies | Ep.53

Switch Impressions, Zelda, Night in the Woods, and Conspiracies | Ep.53
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This week, we bring you a longer podcast about the Nintendo Switch, a good chunk of in-depth Zelda: Breath of the Wild critique, some words about Into the Woods, a dash of Nioh, some discussion about the one and only 2B of Nier: Automata, and Kennedy with one particularly inspired conspiracy theory about puberty. You’ve been warned. Buckle up.

We’ll be at PAX East this weekend, doing some coverage of stuff we like and roaming the show floor. Heading to panels. All that jazz. If you notice us, stop and say hi! We’ll probably break down with gratitude. Stay tuned for our upcoming features! A lot of them will be video features posted on our Youtube channel.

As promised, Snapchat usernames:

Deanna — knurt-t | Sydney — dysbeydoo | Adam — manbearpig34 | Pat — patbman | Kennedy — dynneekx | Greg — stagehazard | Dan — mechamandan | Tiffany — veryasian | Colin — colinkrash

[Editor’s Note— I really apologize for the lack of timestamps for now. We’ll have them out as soon as we can. I’m really trying to avoid Zelda spoilers to the best of my ability, and it gets discussed on this episode. It’s after our Into the Woods section. Also, if you’re squeamish about periods, you might wanna skip our conspiracy theory section. It’s directly after question time. As always, thank you for listening to our podcast! -Deanna]

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