Runescape Comes to Mobile

Many of us have fond memories of when Runescape was still in its classic days. I remember only being able to play at the town library, since it took too long to load on a dial-up connection. Then there were the friends who had the ever-exclusive premium membership helping me gain my footing.

Now, the classic version comes to mobile. It’s not the only classic game that received a mobile re-release in recent years. The most recent is Roller Coaster Tycoon, released late in 2016 for iOS and Android. Looking ahead, we’re still expecting Animal Crossing mobile some time in the fall.

No reports are out on whether the app will be completely free, include a paid membership, or cost anything up front. As the classic game offered an optional membership, we can assume the app would work much the same way. Alternatively, we may see an elaborate free-to-play mechanic introduced, vis a vis Pokemon Go and Fire Emblem Heroes.

Overall, it’s pretty rad to know that if you missed out on Runescape the first time around, you’ll get another chance to play. I know I’m going to at least have it installed on my phone for at least several months. Whether I play it for more than a month is still up for debate. I also hope we get to see a lot more of this guy.

A macro headshot of the gnome child from Runescape Classic.
Gnome Child, see also: Slayer.


Cover image via YouTube.


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