2hot4itunes | Ep.10

In this episode, we get steamy by talking about Valentine’s Day… and just going downhill from there. Can you feel the love in this very special tenth episode? Host/Producer: Deanna Minasian This Week’s Guests: Tiffany Ma, Adam Osmani, and Monica Navarro Intro/Outro: Fluffing a Duck – Kevin MacLeod Follow The Lifecast on Facebook and Twitter!

We were all lilshits. | Ep.8

Welcome back into the swing of things! The Lifecast is back from hiatus, and to celebrate, we talk about middle schoolers and just how awful they can be. We’ve all been there. Be sure to subscribe to us through your podcasting app of choice, or if you’d prefer, go to bit.ly/lifecastrss to see other options

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Melee & Finals Week | Ep.7

Apologies for the late episode, but it was finals week. I’m sure you’ll understand. This week, join Chris, Greg, and myself as we discuss Melee and how Nintendo just won’t capitalize on the sheer success of this happy accident. Host/Producer: Deanna Minasian Guests This Week: Chris Williams, Greg Fernandes Intro/Outro Music: Fluffing a Duck by

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Dad Jokes & Metal Gear | Ep.6

Welcome back! We’re getting deep in this episode, and not just thinking wise. Thanks for your patience during our short delay. Host/Producer: Deanna Minasian Guests This Week: Colin Barry, Eleanor Jenner Intro/Outro: Fluffing a Duck by Kevin MacLeod