Spider-Man PS4 Plot and Gameplay Shown at D23

Details involving the plot and open-world aspect of the upcoming Spider-Man were announced at the Disney D23 Expo.

Aside from the gameplay video shown at E3 this year, we’ve only known about its 2018 release window so far. Insomniac boasts that unlike Sunset Overdrive, an earlier game from the company, the game’s open world will be larger.

via PlayStation

Not only will the world be larger, but traversal, mainly web swinging, has changed since the E3 demo. The changes make it easier for players to start swinging and keep swinging, says Insomniac. Plot-wise, they revealed that Peter Parker would be 23 years old as of this game, and that the game would draw from the plot of theĀ Ultimate Spider-Man comics.

Hopefully as time goes on we get to know more about the web-slinging mechanics in the game. Will they be on par with how satisfying it was to fly through Spiderman 2?


Cover via YouTube (E3 Gameplay Trailer).

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