“Story Mode” Setting Delivered to Horizon: Zero Dawn

Patch 1.32 is out for Horizon: Zero Dawn and that means players can make gameplay easier. An earlier patch gave players the option to make the game harder, forcing them to use their wits against tougher, more intelligent enemies. The new patch gives players the option to soften up the combat, focusing on Aloy’s quest to find out more about herself instead.

Aloy takes down a crab-like machine in Horizon: Zero Dawn.
This isn’t how you do combat efficiently in Horizon… though the quest design team thought it was. (via DualShockers)

I played through Horizon: Zero Dawn a little while ago. My main gripe wasn’t with the story. The story is fantastic; a post-cyberpunk neo-future that nature’s taken back is an awesome setting. My problem with the game was that it forced open combat. Horizon is a game where stealth matters. Roaming around the open world and taking down packs of enemies is easy. There’s plenty of cover, you can run and hide if you mess up. On the other hand, boss battles are clunky and have little stealth involved. It’s more a contest of speed than how effectively you can outwit your enemy.

Horizon’s forced combat sections are definitely not its strong suit, so giving players a chance to experience the story without tearing their hair out along the way is a welcome addition. So, not only can you make enemies smarter, but you can make ’em pretty dumb as well.


Cover image via DualShockers.


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