In several reports, Nintendo announced that it would be discontinuing production on its New 3DS console. Rumors first emerged from Nintendo Japan, then from Nintendo Europe. They were confirmed earlier today, as Nintendo confirmed that it would be ceasing production worldwide. To be clear: this is for the smaller New 3DS, not the New 3DS XL.

This is likely to allot resources to the production for Nintendo’s other big sellers: namely, the Switch. In addition, this cease in production could mean that Nintendo is fully ready to move forward on producing its New 2DS XL console, out July 28th in North America.

We have seen Nintendo lack in production and shipping for several of their hallmark products in the past. It started with the special edition Majora’s Mask New 3DS XL in early 2015 and continued through to the NES Mini just last year. Nintendo’s limited quantities not only made products hard to find, but made it easier for scalpers to thrive. At their peak, scalpers charging double the retail price not only disheartened fans but made limited quantities even more scarce.

This move to cut production on a product that may not be selling well should prove useful for Nintendo. This shift in production should allow them to provide more quantity to retailers.

It would be cool to see a lot more of these out and about. (via Kotaku)


Cover image via Play Asia.